The evaluation of succession options is an integral component of success for every financial advisor as it is one of the best ways for a seasoned advisor to maximize the liquidity of their book of business. Yet, it is a step many an advisor forgets. Don’t fall into this trap. Practice Dynamics can work with you to achieve your maximum valuation.

Practice Analysis

We offer customized monthly consultation and analysis of your practice’s efficiency, through our partnership with Truelytics, in the areas of human resources, technology, and marketing, using indices and KPIs which make up the industry’s first-ever business health record to be leveraged for practice management and during key transitional moments. The core component of this analysis is our growing database of independent financial advisory firm books of business and specific details around firm ownership, staff, clients, processes, revenue, and expenses. This data allows us to generate over 50 KPIs related to individual firm business, client, and revenue stability. ENROLL NOW

Business Valuations

Are you contemplating a transition to a new broker-dealer, rolling into an RIA, or determining your succession plan? We can assist in finding options that best meet your business, professional, and personal needs, in collaboration with our partner Truelytics. Whether you are a buyer or seller, industry-specific knowledge is essential to calculating the true market value of a business or advisor practice. We are experts at understanding the value-drivers of a business, what firms will focus on when pricing a deal, the value of various deal structures, and recognizing the value of your business at various firms.

Continuity Planning

Practice Dynamics Continuity Platform, in partnership with Truelytics, ensures financial advisory firms have all their continuity assets in one secure location, while providing wealth management enterprises a private or public online marketplace to assist with planning succession or growth.

Advisor Exchange

With Advisor Exchange, in partnership with Truelytics, we seek to help enterprises identify prospects, standardize the information collection process, and leverage data to inform offers. Our online intake process benchmarks key analytics and data and features API connectivity with leading CRM platforms in order to allow you to efficiently recruit the advisor talent which will most positively impact your practice.

Legal Services

Let our trusted team help manage your company’s legal counsel without the costs of a full-time lawyer. Our services provide cost savings in areas of entity creation, company policies, company ethical standards, and various agreements.

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